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EP Stepped Bore Manifold

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EP Stepped Bore Manifold Image
EP Stepped Bore Manifold Image EP Stepped Bore Manifold Image EP Stepped Bore Manifold Image EP Stepped Bore Manifold Image

£749.95 EX VAT

Improves any K Series exhaust system S1, S2, 340R or Exige (with or without air conditioning) from standard 120 BHP engines to top specification 220 BHP engines.

We have seen improvements of over 15 BHP with just this and our Sports silencer; it works particularly well on VVC engines and alleviates the flat spot some of these engines suffer from.

Breathing is essential to the K Series. 90% of the modifications are to the head, cam and induction systems.

Double the standard horsepower is achievable from these modifications.

The only way to improve horsepower is to get more air / fuel into the combustion chamber which in turn means you need to get more air out.

This EliseParts manifold does just this. It's expertly made from FULL stainless steel including the flanges.

It's lightweight and quite simply the ultimate manifold you can buy for your Elise / Exige.

As stainless steel is used we can reduce the flange thickness from 10mm to 8mm which helps keep it lightweight (only 5.6 KG).

Take a look at the pictures in detail and you can see why this is slightly more expensive than other manifolds currently available.

Apart from using non "cheated" bends throughout (this smooths exhaust flow), it is fully Argon Gas back purged (internal welds are smoother and stronger).

It has perfectly formed "slip joints" so there is room to expand / contract which alleviates potential cracking that is sometimes a problem on solid 1 piece manifolds; another advantage of this is it's easier to install, as the engine can stay completely in situ (most other solid manifolds require engine mount removal).

The primaries and secondaries are as close as you can get to the perfect length and if you look at the step joints you will see these have been immaculately formed too.

This system has been thoroughly engineered to give as many advantages to the owner as possible; we simply cannot think of anything else that can be done to improve this system.

Can be supplied with our Manifold Fitting Kit by selecting the Fitting Kit option.

Fitting Kit Comprises:

1 x New Steel Gasket and 1 x New Manifold Gasket
5 x Copper manifold nuts.
5 x Manifold studs.
3 x Stainless Steel M10 bolts.
11 x Stainless Steel washers.
3 x M10 Full nuts.

As with any larger than OEM manifold this will require the slot in the undertray to be extended / widened or alternatively use 2 x 10mm thick spacers to lower the undertray.

We also recommend our Adjustable Lower Engine Mounts for use with this Manifold. click here

This fits the following models:

  • LOTUS 340R

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