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Emerald ECU K6 Plus

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Emerald ECU K6 Plus Image
Emerald ECU K6 Plus Image Emerald ECU K6 Plus Image Emerald ECU K6 Plus Image Emerald ECU K6 Plus Image

£695.00 EX VAT

The K6 ECU was introduced in early 2010 and brought with it new innovations in hardware design.  At the heart of the K6 is an automotive specific 32 bit Power PC processor giving class leading performance, stability and durability.  The K6 now features 6 ignition and 6 injection drivers, allowing full sequential control for up to 6 cylinder engines, plus the K6 has the best environmental protection of any Emerald ECU to date.

The new K6 Plus ECU has all the functions of the old K6 and some addtional new functions. It is also supplied with an all new operating software.

Any number of cylinders from 1 to 12
Sequential ignition and injection to six cylinders
Triple live map switching (engine running)
USB with Wi-Fi link to phone or tablet device
Twin Lambda input (for V Engines)
Load from TPS or MAP sensor (or combination)
Double injector Control & Closed loop fuelling
Adaptive mapping from a wide band sensor
Boost control, boost adjustment with different gears & Boost dash override
Boost Vs EGT function & Over-boost protection
Hard & soft cut rev limit
Coolant fan control x 2
Air Conditioning control
Idle stabilisation using ignition advance
IACV control for 2/3/4/5 wire motors
Adjustable speed & load sites
VVT & VVC cam control
VTEC switching
Internal Barometer correction
Drive-by-wire (DBW)
Programmable pedal mapping
Throttle blip function (sequential gearbox)
Flat shift (H-Pattern or sequential gearbox)
Traction control & Launch control
Distributor or trigger wheel driven
14 different trigger patterns available
Direct link to AIM and Race Technology Dash
Battery voltage compensation
Mapped coil-on time
Internal or external ignition amp control (coil-on-plug possible)
Road speed limiter (requires wheel speed input)
Keep-alive after key off (Turbo spin down)
Overrun fuel cut-off
Oil pressure protection input
Fuel pressure input
Flex fuel sensor input (E85/Petrol % volume)
20,000 rpm capability
Digital or inductive sensor inputs
Tacho driver/tell-tale

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This fits the following models:

  • LOTUS 340R

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