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Exige Chargecooler System


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S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011

Reduce your air intake temps by up to 70% and add 20+ BHP?
(20+ bhp without a re- map or any other modifications)
The Exige 'S' suffers terribly with heat soak into the intercooler, the problem is two-fold
1) The tiny air to air intercooler is actually mounted above the engine - therefore the heat rising from the engine soaks into the intercooler.
2) The cold air feed to the intercooler is through a small air scoop in the roof which provides nowhere near enough air flow to take the heat away, this is evident after the intercooler has heat soaked as the temperatures seem to take forever to come back down to a stable level.
You can actually feel the effects of this after sitting in traffic- the car immediately feels 'sluggish' as the ECU is detecting the extra heat and it retards the ignition to protect itself from detonation.
We have Exige 'S' customers who tell us that they have problems passing normally aspirated Exiges’ when the car has been driven hard on track!
The obvious cure to this problem is to use a charge cooler- a water to air intercooler.
A charge cooler kit consists of a charge cooler unit which replaces the standard air to air intercooler, a Bosch water pump feeds the water to an auxiliary cooling radiator in the high air flow area at the front of the car and the water is then pumped back to the alloy header tank which is situated in the engine bay.
Picture showing EP Tuning charge cooler and alloy header tank.

The secret behind the EP Tuning charge cooler is that it is not just an intercooler with a water jacket, we have 5 individual alloy water radiator cores inside which give the water 5 even passes of the unit via 90 individual 20mm wide tubes whilst the charged air is passed across literally thousands of alloy fins.

Using this method we greatly increase the contact area between the hot air and the cold water whilst retaining far more air flow capability than the standard intercooler or an intercooler with a water jacket.
This is the same unit we use for our 380 BHP S1
The water is cooled by a full size pre radiator which is bolted to the underside of the main engine water radiator and air conditioning condenser.
The New engine cooling fans then bolt to the underside of the pre radiator , this has a number of advantages including;

1) A huge surface area and capacity.
2)The engine cooling fans also cool the charge cooler water when the car is stationary therefore eliminating the heat soak issues.
3) The risk of stone damage to the pre radiator is greatly reduced with the radiator horizontal to the air flow.
4) Cabin air temperatures remain unaffected as the pre radiator is not in front of the air con air intakes.
EP Tuning Exige'S' cooling package showing uprated water radiator (top)air con (middle) and charge cooler pre rad (bottom)

The kit consists of the following parts:
1 x EP Tuning

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