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Toyota 2ZZ Kaaz LSD

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Toyota 2ZZ Kaaz LSD Image
Toyota 2ZZ Kaaz LSD Image Toyota 2ZZ Kaaz LSD Image Toyota 2ZZ Kaaz LSD Image Toyota 2ZZ Kaaz LSD Image

£925.00 EX VAT

The standard open differential fitted to Toyota powered Lotus has several drawbacks over a Limited Slip Differential

The standard differential attempts to distribute the power equally across both wheels, but will prefer to send power to the path of least resistance, in a corner the outside wheel is turning faster so most of the power is transmitted through it.
This enables the car to turn smoothly, but has a major downside. open differential will send power to the wheel moving the fastest, if one wheel is struggling for traction, it will get all the power.
This cause spinning a wheel with an open differential and once spinning, all power will be lost to the other wheel and makes it difficult to get power to the road when accelerating hard and can cause instability during acceleration.

Another downside is on the race track. In a hard corner, if one wheel loses traction and lifts off the ground and power is being applied, the open differential will transfer all the power to the wheel with no traction, uselessly spinning it.
This is effectively like taking your foot off the throttle mid-corner and could cause the car to spin.

A Kaaz LSD alleviates these problems by locking the driven wheels together when power is put down, but still allowing some slip for the outside wheel in the corner giving better traction under acceleration, more stable acceleration and power to all the driven wheels in a corner.

Moreover the Kaaz LSD will give more stable braking by locking or partially locking the driven wheels under braking. This gives a more secure stable platform with better ability to get power to the road, which ultimately means faster lap times.

Smoother acceleration

Better cornering

More stable Braking

Less friction sends more power to the wheels.

This fits the following models:

  • S2 2ZZ EXIGE
  • S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011

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