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GT Hub Upright S1 (Front Pair)

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GT Hub Upright S1 (Front Pair) Image
GT Hub Upright S1 (Front Pair) Image GT Hub Upright S1 (Front Pair) Image GT Hub Upright S1 (Front Pair) Image GT Hub Upright S1 (Front Pair) Image

£995.00 EX VAT

A necessity on track use cars especially if running standard steel hubs or sticky compound tyres.

Eliseparts have been manufacturing billet uprights for over 15 years and in this time we have developed and improved the design with the help of Lotus Motorsport.

Many hundreds of hours of testing has been spent on both ours and other race vehicles including several successful entries in the Silverstone 24hr British GP.

This latest design is the ultimate upright for the Road and Track MK1 Elise, Exige and 340R as we have improved overall stiffness yet managed to save over 200 grams in weight.

Our GT uprights are installed and raced on over 200 Lotus race and track cars throughout the world.

We feel it is the ultimate hub for the MK1 Elise, MK1 Exige and the Lotus 340R as it addresses several weak points the steel hubs suffer from and can allow lower suspension settings than any other upright available.

The centre hub has been repositioned 16mm higher thus allowing a 16mm drop in ride height without any change in wishbone angle.

This is VERY significant as it keeps the correct wishbone angles and greatly improves low ride height stability.

For example, if you want your vehicle to run at 100mm ride height, this will need a 40mm drop which will change the wishbone angle by up to 6 degrees whereas with these uprights that angle will only be 1/2 that at the same ride height.

The hub upright itself has been designed to facilitate 2.5 degrees more camber than the OE allows.

The complete unit is pre-assembled and includes the high grade steel 72mm MOTORSPORT BEARING for strength and longevity, the latest M16 Hub Bolt kit and Longer 12.9 grade steel wheel studs.

You will notice a vast difference in the handling characteristics and your car will be greatly improved with this relatively simple change.

Several companies have tried to emulate these but none offer all of the advantages and simplicity of ours especially at the price.

The complete unit is pre-assembled and benefits include:

1.  CLEAR HARD Anodised high grade aluminium dissipates heat better so increases lifespan.

2.  Accepts the AP 4 Pot caliper OR the original 2 Pot calipers without the need for a heavy adaptor.

3.  Bump Steer adjustment is much easier and more accurate.

4.  Specifically designed and machined for more camber adjustment than OE.

5.  CNC machined billet aluminium, much stronger but only slightly heavier than OE version.

6.  Hard Black Anodised to resist corrosion.

7.  Drilled M10 to accept AP 4 Pot Brake calipers OR the original 2 Pot fronts.

8.  Will accept larger front Discs and Brake pads.

9.  A larger 72mm Motorsport Taper Roller Bearing.

10. Longer 12.9 grade steel wheel studs.

11. Motorsport (thicker) EN24 Steel Drive Flanges.

12. Includes New Motorsport Hub Flange and M16 Hub bolt kit.

Supplied in pairs (2 COMPLETE HUB UPRIGHTS).


This fits the following models:

  • LOTUS 340R

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