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CL Brakes RC5+ Lotus BBK Brake Pads

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CL Brakes RC5+ Lotus BBK Brake Pads Image
CL Brakes RC5+ Lotus BBK Brake Pads Image CL Brakes RC5+ Lotus BBK Brake Pads Image CL Brakes RC5+ Lotus BBK Brake Pads Image CL Brakes RC5+ Lotus BBK Brake Pads Image

£214.95 EX VAT

RC5+ Front and Rear Carbon Lorraine - Sintered Metal Pads for Elise, Exige and VX220 using AP Racing 4 pot brake calipers as used on the BBK (Big Brake Kit). Carbone Lorraine make some of the most technologically advanced pads in the world and are becoming more and more popular within the Lotus community .

Eliseparts can offer these pads in 2 different compounds, RC5+ and RC6. RC5+ is a newer compound made from Sintered metal, released in September 2009.

Stopping power from cold on ALL compounds is good, minimal bedding in process is required.

The RC5+ compound supersedes the previous RC5, having a much lower noise level than all the other compounds, in terms of squeal usually associated with race brake pads; it also has vastly lower brake dust levels. This brake pad material offers superior braking quality in all areas: durability, power, feeling, and efficiency in wet weather.

Stopping power is vastly superior than Original Equipment Lotus pads and if you have never used a top quality race derived pad you will be surprised at how much power these provide, even if you have used some of the other performance pads.
This RC5+ brake pad material has a higher friction co-efficient, but lower wear rate than the discontinued RC5 brake pad compound.

RC5+ compound brake pads; like the rest of the Carbone Lorraine range, do not contain any organic compounds. This unique material does not melt or compress when under pressure and high temperature giving a firmer pedal and better brake modulation.

The Carbone Lorraine Brake pad's sintered metal compounds give very high friction coefficients and an outstanding bite, allowing maximum braking pressure to be applied quickly and confidently.

The Carbone Lorraine RC5+ brake pad compound has an average friction co-efficient between the old RC5 (μ=0.40) and the RC6 (μ=0.5) and are very effective from cold, giving excellent initial bite yet will still not deteriorate with braking temperatures until well over 1000 °C – well above the temperatures found under race conditions.

Carbone Lorraine pads offer a consistent high friction coefficient, excellent bite from cold, no fading and need no involved bedding in procedure to achieve maximum performance; only a few moderate stops after install to seat the pads on the rotors.

The full metallic low wear material creates a full metal to metal link to the back plate with no glue used, providing security to 1000 Degree C. Stable under extremes of temperature, from ice and snow films to 1000 Degrees C.

When combined with the carbon graphite solid lubricant, the material offers outstanding performance whilst also being kind to discs.
Sintered metal does not burn and the material is not glued to the back plate, it is brazed creating the mechanical strength of welding.

Simply because you will be entering corners faster and braking later and this generates more heat within the brake fluid.
Benefits Include:

1. Simple to bed in and work from cold which instills confidence in cold or wet weather and on race starts.

2. Improved feedback through the brake pedal and easy to modulate, very important with semi slick tyres.

3. Fade resistant braking ~ 1000 degrees.

4. Compounds can be mixed to balance out the unbalanced front & rear brake performance, which can be an issue with the standard Lotus brake system

5. Higher density than other pad types, making it less compressible which results in firmer pedal feel and makes it easier to modulate.

6. High metal content is extremely wear resistant so will last longer on track and race days, even an extra 3 laps will save you time and money.

7. No material is transferred to the disc or from the pad so this is less likely to cause brake judder, the pads virtually are self cleaning.

This fits the following models:

  • S2 2ZZ EXIGE
  • LOTUS 340R
  • S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
  • S3 1.6 ELISE 2011-2014
  • S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010
  • S3 ELISE 2011-2020

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