S1 Elise Supersport Exhaust

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S1 Elise Supersport Exhaust


£449.95    ex VAT £539.94    inc VAT



The all new Eliseparts 6" High Flow Supersport Silencer.

There are many on the market but none have ALL the advantages of these.

Beautifully crafted from high grade Stainless Steel including lasercut flanges, Argon TIG welded and gas purged for strong smooth welds thus helping the gases flow more freely and ultimately gaining more power.

Take a look at the pictures, we feel confident there is not a better/lighter exhaust available as we have engineered this one to the highest standards possible.

2.5” O/D tubes are used to expedite the gases through, thus helping power output. FULL Stainless Steel including flanges, tube and welding wire.

Easy to fit and because it's lightweight it only requires 2 of the silicon or rubber mounts instead of the 4 required for the heavy original exhaust.

Our new design mounting system also give you far more adjustabilty than other systems on the market which helps to achieve a perfect fit.

As Stainless Steel is used throughout (flanges and welding rod etc), we have reduced the flange thickness from the OE 10mm to just 6mm which keeps it lightweight too.

Fits S1 Elise, S1 Exige & S1 Motorsport

Can be supplied with our FULL Stainless Steel Fitting Kit below


2 x Silicon or Rubber Exhaust Mounting Blocks

1 x Silencer to Cat Pipe Gasket

3 x M10 Stainless Steel Bolts

6 x M10 Stainless Steel Washers

3 x M10 Stainless Steel Lock Nuts

N.B. S1 Exige/Motorsport version will be available soon.

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