High Flow Sports Induction Kit

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High Flow Sports Induction Kit


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An Induction kit developed specifically for the ‘K’ Series Lotus Elise S1 and S2. It combines the advantages of an open air filter (sports filter) and an airbox all in one.

Unlike the standard restricted airbox the system intakes cool air flowed from the left hand side air vent this combined with its unique features result in:

Deeper more throaty sound

Less flow resistance as uses larger ducting

Direct cold air intake

Optimised flow, no turbulence

Using the advantage of the sports filter and the cold air intake, power and torque gain is improved!

All components have been optimised and turbulence has been ruled out, resulting in a very steady clean and cool air supply.

Here is an extract from a customers comments;

After the superb day at Brands (GWR) and listening to the wonderful soundtrack of some of the cars, it was evident that I required an induction kit. So I duly ordered one from Elise Parts which arrived Thursday. Managed to get home early on the Friday and set about installing the kit. No real problems and an hour and a half later we were up and running.

What can I say but SUPERB if you haven't fitted one, go for it, the sound is awesome when you give it some stick.

Suitable for the S1 and S2 K Series Elise's only.

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