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S2 / S3 Silver Locking Wheel Bolts

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S2 / S3 Silver Locking Wheel Bolts Image
S2 / S3 Silver Locking Wheel Bolts Image S2 / S3 Silver Locking Wheel Bolts Image S2 / S3 Silver Locking Wheel Bolts Image S2 / S3 Silver Locking Wheel Bolts Image

£29.95 EX VAT

S2 / S3 Mcgard Silver Locking Wheel Bolts.

These "tuner" style Locking Wheel bolts are ideal for the S2 / S3 Elise as they are specifically designed for wheels with smaller holes, (the removal key within this kit will fit any Lotus wheel).

The McGard 'PVD' coated locking wheel bolt head has a high tech coating which has the best corrosion resistance in the industry and gives the bolt head a subtle, more modern finish. PVD has a harder surface than other coatings leading to better long term wear resistance. In normal use this allows the bolt head to retain its brilliance for many years.

Key features Include:

Computer generated extra narrow groove key patterns.

The computer generated key designs allow for an infinite number of key patterns. The narrow groove resists the intrusion of lock removal tools into the pattern.

Through-hardened steel construction.

We use only restricted chemistry steel, made specifically for McGard. These special standards insure the structural integrity of each and every fully machined McGard wheel lock. Every lock is through-hardened and tempered, reaching the depth of hardness needed for its unsurpassed level of security (unlike case hardening which is only a surface treatment).

Precision threads.

Core integrity and precision machining provide the highest strength in the industry. All McGard locks and lug nuts meet or exceed the highest OEM proof load standards, 135,000 to 160,000 PSI.

Precise bearing surfaces.

McGard’s standard for concentricity of the bearing surface to the pitch diameter is 30% more precise than OEM standards. This insures even distribution of the clamp load and uniform seating of the lock to the wheel.

Supplied as a full set of 4 Locking Wheel Bolts and 1 Removal Key.

This fits the following models:

  • S2 2ZZ EXIGE
  • S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
  • S3 1.6 ELISE 2011-2014
  • S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010
  • S3 ELISE 2011-2019

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