Quantum Racing Two Zero Damper Set

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Quantum Racing Two Zero Damper Set


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S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011

Eliseparts have been supplying dampers to the Lotus community for almost 10 years now and we have learned a few things over these years.

Dampers are a VERY important part of your car as no matter how powerful you make your engine you will not get the best performance unless the car handles well too.

The Lotus standard springs and dampers are built to a budget and have been optimised for normal road use.

Quantum Black double adjustable damper kits are a superb upgrade allowing full adjustment in ride height and stiffness.

We know what works well and the limitations of virtually every damper kit available and we are proud to introduce the Quantum Black Dampers into our range.

We have been amazed how well the Quantum dampers have performed above and beyond anything else we have tried and believe us when we say we and our many hundreds of customers and race teams have tried dozens of variations over the years.

We know the “secrets” of why these work so well but will obviously keep those between ourselves and Quantum.

Quantum are not newcomers to the Elise market , they have provided many top Lotus race teams and track enthusiasts with dampers over the years but with our assistance more of our Lotus customers can enjoy the benefits we have found.

Here are a few details about Quantum and their superb dampers.

Quantum Black gas mono-tube dampers have been continually refined since its introduction to F1 in 1989.

20 years of development has seen the original one-piece body and bottom give way to a modular design with a captive floating piston.
The 9/16th inch shaft has been reduced to 14mm to take advantage of modern low-friction seal technology; and an ‘endless’ Ekonol® reinforced PTFE piston ring has replaced Teflon® band guide tape, yielding improved consistency and wear characteristics.

The gas-pressurized mono-tube design tolerates ‘inverted’ operation – thereby reducing un-sprung mass – while the captive floating piston allows BLACK dampers to be easily re-valved without requiring re-pressurisation.

All BLACK dampers are fully CNC machined lightweight 6061-T6 aluminium , assembled in house as direct replacements for the original equipment dampers and springs, specifically valved for the Elise/Exige/340R model range from 1996 -2010

Quantum BLACK dampers is hand built from the finest quality components and to exacting standards.they are supplied complete as set of 4 two-way adjustable dampers including pre installed springs, spacers and seals.

Height adjustable via the spring platform you can have your Lotus sitting as low or as high as you like (very low ride heights can be made to special order).

Quantum’s double adjustable shaft and double needle assembly was originally developed for F1 and makes superfluous the requirement of a reservoir canister.

It offers true independent adjustment of piston bleed in bump and rebound with two 'sweep'

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