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Baffled Sump (Toyota)


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S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010

S2 1ZZ & 2ZZ Elise, S2 Exige and 2-11 Toyota baffled Sump

We have taken our time to develop what we believe to be the best baffled sump available for the Toyota engine Lotus.

We looked long and hard at what is actually required from a sump and then designed the baffled sump with specific benefits no other sump has.
Although the Toyota has no real need for extra capacity our Baffled Sump will allow the use of up to 1 Litre of “extra” oil.
Our Baffled Sump conforms to the exact shape of the original sump to engine block mating faces and as such is easy to install with basic tools.
Expertly double TIG welded inside and out then pressure tested for potential leaks.
The Flange is 100% perfectly flat so no leakage issues to encounter when locating the sump to the engine block face.
The main reason for a baffled sump is to keep the oil as close to the pick up at all times even under heavy braking or cornering.
It is also important to allow the oil to drain back from the engine block to the pick-up area as quickly as possible, we have done this with strategically placed beads and flow gates that are almost friction free due to the special Xylan coating.
The beads are there to assist when it comes to draining the oil so every last drop can be drained before re-fill. We have found some sumps still hold up to ¼ of a litre due to the location of the holes in the baffle plates.
The flow gates are designed and manufactured for this application and open to exactly 60 degrees which we have found to be the ideal opening gap to allow oil to drain back to the pick-up area yet close very quickly when under cornering or braking forces.
The top of the baffle mounts are also angled strategically to stop oil splashing over under high gravitational forces too.
Ours is the lightest available at only 1.6kg
The sump itself is completely Xylan coated , not only does this help with corrosion that occurs on untreated aluminium, it also dissipates the heat created within the sump and its non stick Teflon properties keeps the oil at the bottom of the sump.
We even supply the world’s strongest Neodymium Magnetic sump drain plug with a High temperature Dowty washer.
Neodymium is the strongest magnet available and we use the highest grade nickel coated type which will take temperatures of over 180 degrees C.
The use of this strong magnet will help collect any stray metal debris that is naturally occurring within your engine due to time and wear. This will stick to the Neodymium magnet rather than being sucked in by the oil pump and re-circulated.
Other innovative advantages include a centred aluminium plug on the rear of the baffled sump to allow the use of a temperature sender or similar.
We have specifically marked the centre so you can use any size thread the sensor may require (up to 18mm).
The sump is supplied with the very best gasket sealant that is resistant to all known oils and gases that are
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