S2 EP 308mm Floating Drilled Discs

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S2 EP 308mm Floating Drilled Discs


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S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
S2 1.6 ELISE 2011-2014
S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010
S3 Elise 2011- 2017

EP Tuning– AP Equivalent Brake Discs. Made at the UK foundry AP Racing Discs and other top specification brake disc manufacturers.


Same grade of Steel used but ours are made from new casting moulds so the internals line up perfectly.

Developed specifically to suit the Lotus range and have improved various areas such as air gaps, curved vanes and wall thicknesses.

These modifications assist by keeping the overall weight down whilst improving heat dissipation and air flow through the disc rotor.

We also take them one stage further on the final heat treatment.

After heat treatment they are precision ground perfectly flat and dynamically balanced.

Although these are less expensive than AP or Alcon we offer the same warranty.

Our Race specification Float in the Bell Brake Disc Bells are ideal for heavy duty applications, especially when using larger discs as these should be mounted to allow axial float and radial heat expansion of the disc.

Radial float allows differential expansion of disc and bell thus reducing stresses in the disc and minimising disc cracking and distortion.

The idea of axial float is to compensate for a certain amount of stub axle / upright flex by allowing the disc to take up its ideal position within the range of float thus avoiding "knockback" of the caliper pistons.

However the float should not be excessive as disc gyroscopic loads can cause the same effect that the float is trying to alleviate.

The amount of axial float will depend somewhat on the application, we have found that for the later Lotus application with minimal disc movement relative to the caliper the amount of float need only be around 0.15 - 0.2mm.

Our floating Disc Bells are the pinnacle, made from Aircraft specification certificated 7075 aluminium, Black Hard anodised for the ultimate in corrosion and wear resistance.

We use the highest quality Titanium for the 12 Disc-Bell bobbins, these are then anodised to reduce the galling that can be caused by constant movement and expansion between the Bell and Disc Bobbin.

The fasteners we use are again the highest specification ‘K’ locknuts and AP Dacromet coated bolts.

Supplied as a fully assembled pair ready for installation.


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