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V6 Exige Reduced Bump Steer Kit

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V6 Exige Reduced Bump Steer Kit Image
V6 Exige Reduced Bump Steer Kit Image V6 Exige Reduced Bump Steer Kit Image V6 Exige Reduced Bump Steer Kit Image V6 Exige Reduced Bump Steer Kit Image V6 Exige Reduced Bump Steer Kit Image

£279.95 EX VAT

Bump steer is the change in toe in / camber of the wheels caused when the arc of the steering rack arm differs to the arc of the wheel travel, i.e. when the wheel travels through its full bump and droop motion, the wheel will toe in / out at different points of movement.

During this motion the wheels will tend to steer themselves and this is felt through the steering wheel as bump steer.

the EP reduced bump steer kit offers several advatages over the steel OEM steering arms.

Lightweight yet strong HE15 Aircrtaft spec aluminium steering arms are less than 1/2 the weight of the original cast steel steering arms and a great saving of un-sprung weight.

Clear Hard Anodised then Black Xylan coated for extra protection

Uses high quality rod ends (easier to change than tapered track rod ends).

Supplied complete with our special stainless steel camber shims,10.9 grade geomet coated mounting bolts and two of the best quality rod ends available.

Designed to offer up to 1 degree more negative camber than the original steering arms and supplied with several height adjusting stainless steel conical washers for fine tuning bump steer at whatever ride height required.

The arms are designed to be at the same angle as the wishbone pivot points even at low ride heights thus reducing bump steer.

The Full Kit Comprises:

2 x HE15 Lightweight Steering Arms

2 x High Quality Aurora 10mm x 12mm Rod Ends with sleeves 

4 x Geomet Coated 10.9 Grade Caphead Bolts.

4 x 1mm Stainless Steel Camber Shims

2 x 2mm Stainless Steel Camber Shims

2 x Special M10 10.9 Grade Bolts

2 x M10 'K' Nuts 

2 x M10 Fine Pitch Lock nuts 

2 x Neoprene Rubber Dust Covers 

4 x Conical Spacers

4 x 1mm Shim Washers

4 x 3.5mm Shim Washers

Weight comparison.

OEM Arm 741 Grams each

EP Arm 335 Grams each

This fits the following models:


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