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EP Stepped Bore Manifold

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I fitted this with and the EP Exhaust system (standard CAT) to my S1 Elise which is otherwise standard. For other reasons the car went on the rolling road and produced 133.5 bhp. I don't know what the engine (7k miles) produced before the EP full system but 15bhp has come from somewhere and I'm sure the exhaust has a part to play in that.

Looks good as well; remember that the under-tray needs spacers to avoid rubbing - Well done EP.

Very good product, very good quality.
Term of power gain, it's a real change. I change the entire exhaust. Manifold, Cat Sport, Sport Exhaust. loose of a few power in low RPM, BUT above 4000 trm.... Whaoouw !!
One important remark, think to buy a NEW LAMBDA, and the tool to get it out. Most impossible to get it out on a car of 10 Year old...

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