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K Series EP Tuning Programmable ECU

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K Series EP Tuning Programmable ECU Image
K Series EP Tuning Programmable ECU Image K Series EP Tuning Programmable ECU Image K Series EP Tuning Programmable ECU Image K Series EP Tuning Programmable ECU Image

£895.00 EX VAT


EP TUNING EC1 ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM – is a Higher Performance engine control solution for the S1 AND S2 Rover 'K' Series powered Lotus.

An automotive grade loom adaptor is supplied with EC1 – making the ECU fully ‘plug n play’ with the S1 or S2 ' K' Series Elises; simply un-plug your original ECU and this will plug straight onto the same connector, no further wiring is required.

It has the benefit of a 35cm longer lead so that it can be mounted further away from the engine bay damp or hot conditions.

The loom also includes an expansion connector allowing features such as shift lights, pit lane speed limiters, wide band lambda sensors and CAN enabled dash displays/data loggers to be integrated quickly and reliably.

It’s 32bit Motorola main processor provides world class leading processing power whilst its fully surface mounted PCB and IP65 rated enclosure ensures reliability even in the harshest of operating conditions.

An onboard barometric sensor is provided as standard allowing full altitude/atmospheric pressure correction to ensure correct fuel delivey under any circumstances.
32 X 32 Fuel and Ignition tables with programmable break points allow accurate calibration of ignition and fuel injection events optimising engine performance, idle quality and transient throttle response.
EC1 uses an advanced crank trigger recognition system to provide highly accurate crank position information and is capable of acquiring and maintaining crank sync even under low and uneven cranking speeds.
Designed to be ultra reliable EC1 is housed in a fluid resistant IP65 rated enclosure with reverse voltage and over voltage protection. Sensor supply and ground pins are also protected against shorts.
EC1 is able to interface directly with a number of paddle shift/semi-automatic gear controllers via CAN or analogue input to provide a controlled torque reduction for gear upshift requests.
NB* The S1 Exige /340R VHPD engines use a specific ECU plug and this will require about 2 hours of swapping connector pins from the original ECU connector to a new plug connector we can provide.
There are three options available:
1. If you are mapping the ECU yourself, we can supply the above CAN USB Dongle for purchase @ £99.95 + vat.
2. If you are mapping the ECU yourself you can pay the refundable deposit of £99.95 + vat and we will send this item to you and once returned, refund your payment.
3. Organise to have your car mapped at Track-Club or Tour De Force in Kimbolton Cambridgeshire (details above).

This ECU will also be suitable for cars running aftermarket units.

1. Plug and play Compatible with ALL S1 and S2 ‘K’ Series engines (non-VVC), wire in compatible with Honda K20 and Duratec. Complete engine control solution for all S1 and S2 Elise/Exige that were originally K-Series Powered.

2. Direct drive of K Series S2 coolant temp gauge and speedo (adjustable fan control and adjustable speedo control. MPH-KPH or enable exact speedo reading ). Allows you to configure the dash pack/speedo to your preference and tailor radiator fan on/off points to suit your car.

3. Enhanced crank trigger recognition during low and uneven engine speeds (Quicker starting, less cranking).

4. Advanced engine control strategies (including fuel pressure compensation with fuel rail pressure sensor). Allows accurate control far beyond what has been previously available at this price point. Improved reliability and durability.

5. Engine logbook included as standard (coolant temp, RPM, manifold pressure etc. tell-tales). Allows you to monitor engine health, engine hours and calculate servicing based on work done not just miles driven.

6. Injector dead time compensation (for enhanced fuelling accuracy). Allows more accurate control for improved reliability, durability and accurate operation of the fueling system is still possible with low/flat batteries and failed alternators.

7. Individual cylinder trims strategy. For sequential injection applications allows each cylinder to be delivered a specific amount of fuel with a specific ignition timing to account for differences in fuelling/delivered air mass on single throttle/plenum setups etc.

8. Full atmospheric and cold start fuel corrections. Allows fast and accurate starting whatever the conditions and the ability for the engine to operate reliably at any altitude or atmospheric condition.

9. Reverse voltage and over voltage protection on every pin. Ensures reliability of the controller even if another system on the car fails.

10. Narrow or wide band lambda control (with external wideband controller). For accurate fuelling control and emissions legislation compliance.

11. Onboard barometric sensor for atmospheric pressure compensation. Allows the ECU to automatically adjust fuelling for high/low altitudes and varying barometric pressures.

12. Additional outputs available for custom applications and controls (additional fan, electrics, water pump, boost control etc). Totally configurable engine control solution to meet your needs.

13. 32 x 32 high resolution main tables for main ignition and fuelling maps with 0.25° ignition control. Ultra accurate control comparable to pro-motorsport engine controllers.

14. Multi map capability e.g. separate boost control map. Allows various boost maps/delivered air mass maps to account for ambient conditions e.g. wet weather map.

15. IP65 Water and dust sealed. Engine bay/side pod mounting no problem. No external ports and capable of operating submerged for short periods of time.

16. Full Dual Cam Variable Valve Timing Control (VVC), Honda iVTEC control and BMW VANOS control. Advanced dual cam strategies for accurate variable valve timing control.

17. CAN 2.0B communication for dash display, data logging and calibration (USB & Bluetooth CAN adaptors available). Modern comms standard employed by all OEM's makes supplying engine data to a dash or Data logger easy. Support for EC1 available in Cosworth, Pi, AIM, Motec, Race Technology and Race Logic products.

18. All tables are live mapable and instantly updated Makes calibration quicker and more accurate compared to older systems.

19. Dual Fuel Capability with flex fuel module (additional engineering time required). Supports E85 and similar.

20. Shift light output with user programmable off/on points. Tailor upchange points to suit your engine and driving style.


This fits the following models:

  • LOTUS 340R

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