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Osram Night Breaker H4 Unlimited

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Newly developed high performance filament for maximum visibility and driving comfort.

Up to 90% more light on the road ahead and 10% whiter light (the blue partial coating provides whiter light on the road).

Exclusive design. Silver cap and blue coating rings.

Approved for use throughout Europe without restrictions.

OSRAM Night Breaker can be fitted in all the Lotus range without any problem (European standard).

This means no additional components are needed for installing the lamps in headlights. NIGHT BREAKER can be used in all cars equipped with approved H4, H7, H1 or H3 lamps.

The special coating on Night Breaker, the silver cap and blue rings give the lamp a unique and unmistakable appearance.

This technological innovation prevents oncoming drivers from being dazzled while at the same time improving the visibility of the edge of the road and increasing visibility forwards.

Thanks to its special technology Night Breaker puts up to 90% more light on the road.

Its light is also up to 10% whiter. Like no other automotive lamp it therefore, offers a powerful light that gives drivers a feeling of control and safety.


This fits the following models:

  • LOTUS 340R

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