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Aluminium Upgraded Radiator

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Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image
Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image Aluminium Upgraded Radiator Image

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The standard Elise radiator is another weak point in the cooling system.

Although it is lightweight, it has plastic end tanks which are prone to expanding and leaking under pressure.

If you are racing or are a serious track day enthusiast we recommend our FULL Aluminium Radiator; Specifically manufactured for us as a direct replacement and built to the highest standards using F1 technology.

This has a larger capacity, more cooling fin area and aluminium end tanks so it will not burst even at substantially higher temperatures / pressure.

It is more efficient so you will notice a drop in your usual running temperature.

We have fitted one to a supercharged Elise (which had temperature problems) and this radiator reduced the usual temperature from 93 degrees to 86.

We have also fitted one to our Turbo'd Elise along with several Race cars, all now run an efficient operating temperature.

Our radiator utilises a 45mm thick twin row core; (the standard cooler on the early Elise is just 32mm single row and the VX220 Turbo is 40mm thick single row).

The flow rate of our core is very similar to that of the VX220 Turbo but we have added an extra 1600 cubic mm of cooling fins rejecting the heat into the air flow.

The twin row core is also far stronger than a single row set up.

Another plus point is that we bond our laser cut side mount channels into place - this we find, allows the radiator outer shell to absorb vibration without stressing the core section.

These radiators have been extensively tested on 330 BHP Audi powered cars (running temperatures stable at 76 degrees); 300 BHP VX Turbos (running temperatures down from 88 degrees with 200 BHP to 84 degrees with 300 BHP!!) and many high powered Honda conversions.

Fits All Lotus Models With or Without air conditioning.

Can be supplied with one of the following Fan fitting options.

  1. Single Fan Mounting Kit consisting of 316 marine grade brackets, rivets, stainless steel fixings and genuine Spal plastic fixing brackets.
  2. Twin Fan (non-aircon) Bracket Kit consisting of 304 grade stainless steel xylan coated brackets and stainless steel fixings.
  3. Twin Fan (aircon) Bracket Kit consisting of genuine Lotus powder coated brackets and stainless steel fixings.

N.B. Fans are not included, you can find them in the related products below.

Please note, you will need to retain the plastic mounting brackets from your original fans (Non-AC) as they are not available as a separate part.

This fits the following models:

  • S2 2ZZ EXIGE
  • LOTUS 340R
  • S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
  • S3 1.6 ELISE 2011-2014
  • S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010
  • S3 ELISE 2011-2020

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