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Removable Steering Wheel Kit

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Removable Steering Wheel Kit Image
Removable Steering Wheel Kit Image Removable Steering Wheel Kit Image Removable Steering Wheel Kit Image Removable Steering Wheel Kit Image Removable Steering Wheel Kit Image Removable Steering Wheel Kit Image

£189.95 EX VAT

EP Tuning Quick Release kit.

Benefits are threefold on this application:-

1. You can get in and out of the car more easily

2. Thieves can't drive your car away without a steering wheel!

3. Choose from dozens of aftermarket steering wheels that fit the hub i.e. Momo, Sparco, OMP etc.

Most aftermarket quick release kits depend on just ball bearings or pins to grip the steering column and take the forces of turning the steering wheel.

Ours is unique because we have designed all the turning forces to be taken by 28 splines AND Stainless steel Ball bearings.

Splines are stronger as a similar arrangement is used to turn your car's driveshafts.

The kit is then Xylan coated so it is scratch proof and will not wear.

Splining and Xylan are quite expensive processes whereas other aftermarket kits are soft sulphuric anodised or simply painted black.

We have spent many hours using AutoCAD and Solid Works design to make this Quick Release kit the smallest it can be (only 58mm wide) for those people that want the New Aftermarket steering wheel in the same location as the Original steering wheel.

Another innovation is that the kit is Universal in that it will fit any Elise, 340R, Exige, 111R, 2-Eleven or VX220 from 1996 onwards as it has both the old and new mounting configuration developed within the kit.

Older cars had the steering wheel mounted via 4 cap head bolts from the rear of the steering wheel hub whilst later model cars or those with Airbags mount via 4 caphead bolts from the front axis.

Once installed no holes are visible so no plastic covers are required to hide them.

The outer PCD (6x70mm) will accept most aftermarket steering wheels (Momo, Sparco, OMP etc) and we have cleverly designed another unique feature in that the Centre Boss will accept the Lotus Horn Push Button without the need for any adaptor ring.

The EP Tuning Quick Release kit has a double safety feature so you have to press a button and pull a spring loaded lever to remove your steering wheel so no unfortunate mishaps can happen whilst driving.

We have even incorporated two dots at the top so you can align the steering wheel in seconds no matter which way your wheels are pointing.

The kit comes complete with picture instructions and all the wiring pre installed; the maximum you may need to do is to crimp one wire (depending how long your original wire is).
It takes about 45 - 60 minutes to install*

An extensive range of steering wheels can be seen in our Steering Wheel section We specialise in the MOMO range.

This kit is for fitting aftermarket steering wheels only and does NOT include a Steering wheel, the horn push or the 6 screws to attach the steering wheel.

NB* We stock a Puller Tool for safely removing the old steering wheel without damaging the collapsible steering column.

The Puller Tool is NOT required if you have an Air Bag as the Hub does not need to be removed from the column.

The Lotus Horn Push can be found in the related products below.

This fits the following models:

  • S1 EXIGE
  • S2 2ZZ EXIGE
  • LOTUS 340R
  • S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
  • S3 1.6 ELISE 2011-2014
  • S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010
  • S3 ELISE 2011-2019

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