S2 Elise/|Exige VVTI Twin Under

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S2 Elise/|Exige VVTI Twin Under


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S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
S2 1.6 ELISE 2011-2014
S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010

There are many silencers on the market but none have ALL the advantages of our EP Tuning Sports Silencers.

It's lightweight and quite simply the ultimate silencer you can buy for your Lotus.

The only way to improve horsepower is to get more air/fuel into the combustion chamber which in turn means you need to get more air out.

Eliseparts Sports Silencers do just this, they are expertly manufactured from 16 gauge T304 grade Stainless steel rather than the more commonly used 409/Mild Steel.

We guarantee our silencers will not corrode away like the 409 grade stainless steel which can start corroding in as little as 18 months or Mild Steel which can start corroding in as little as 6 months.

Some companies’ compromise and mix Mild steel with Stainless Steel, this is not advisable as these areas rust even more due to the galvanic reaction between two different metals.

All our laser cut flanges and TIG welding wire are 304 grade stainless steel, even the tailpipes are highly polished 304 grade stainless steel.

Apart from using "non cheated" bends throughout (this smooth’s exhaust flow), it is fully TIG (TUNGSTEN INERT GAS) welded and back purged with Argon gas so the internal welds are smoother and stronger.

2.5” O/D tubes are used to expedite the gases through, thus helping power output.

The flow paths are as straight as possible and even our twin exit exhausts use a ‘Y’ Piece internally so that the flow is as even between the exits and free flowing as possible.

To keep the flow path as clear as possible the right hand heat shield does require a small modification for the outlet to sweep without touching.

By maximising the available space we have created a straight through silencer that can meet strict noise criteria.

It has perfectly formed "slip joints" so there is room for expansion and contraction which alleviates potential cracking that is sometimes a problem on cheaper systems.

As stainless steel is used throughout, we can reduce the flange thickness from 8mm to 6 mm , this helps keep it lightweight too, almost 10kg weight saving over the standard OE system.

Easy to fit and because it's lightweight it only requires 2 of the rubber mounts instead of the 4 required for the heavy OE exhaust.

The silencer is finished off with twin 3” polished tailpipes to give the rear of the car a superb look

The sound is a beautiful burble rather than the sewing machine rasp of the original; it will not droan like some manufacturers products and the dB level is kept to the minimum possible with the highest quality packing material you can buy.

Take a look at the following pictures in detail and you can see why this may be slightly more expensive than some other silencers we feel confident there is not a better/lighter exhaust available as we have engineered this one to the highest standards possible.

The outer casing is rolled 16 gauge 304T stainless steel, it

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